Indoor Exercise Programs

When you think about winter you generally think about sipping hot chocolate by a fire, eating cookies and fudge, and cuddling under a heated blanket. You also might want to think about staying healthy and fit.  While the cold of winter and the bulkiness of sweaters is unmotivating, it’s the best time of year to transform yourself from a tub of goo into a healthy go-getter. Want some tips on indoor exercise programs?  Then keep on reading!

Tip #1: create the ultimate motivational atmosphere with a designated workout space!

Having an organized space with your equipment will reduce the chances of skipping a workout. Read more at!

Tip #2: don’t buy scam workout equipment.

If you see it on an infomercial then you most likely don’t need to purchase it to successfully exercise! This isn’t to say that there’s nothing to be gained from some carefully bought exercise bands, ab wheel, or foam roller but do your research first and only buy what is necessary.

Tip #3: plan your meals ahead of time!

Have you ever gone to the gym or gotten home from a run and then settled in on the couch with some chips and a soda? That comes from poor pre workout planning! Working out at home is no different.  Focus on foods that have some carbs, protein, and fat – peanut butter, tuna, eggs, yogurt, or trail mix for example. Check out more tips at and this article from Reader Digest!

#4: make sure to create a list of exercises that match your fitness level and what you’re looking to accomplish.

Mix up cardio routines with body weight exercises designed to build muscle, but do them on different days to ensure that you don’t overtrain at the beginning. If you put together a routine and can only get through half of it, don’t lose heart – you’re still better than you were yesterday.

These quick tips will have you headed in the direction of a more healthier you!  And, if you’re making a move, you’ll be in great shape!  Contact us today!