Make Extra Cash at Home

How can you save for a down payment to invest in your future and still pay all your current expenses:  rent, cable, internet, utilities, gas, parking, entertainment?  We’re glad you asked. We’re here with some great strategies on how you can make extra cash at home.

1. Don’t delete your emails!

There’s a tool called Paribus, seen here, that will scan your emails for receipts from retailers like Amazon. When it sees that the price of a product you previously purchased goes down then you’re golden – it will automatically refund your money.

2. Want something a little more interesting? Try watching some Youtube videos!

A company called FusionCash will pay you to watch Youtube videos and their associated ads. Every time you watch one of their ads you get paid! Want to make a McDonalds run? They give you $5 just to sign up!

3. Maybe you’re the internet browsing type – well there’s some ideas in here for you too!

Internet search engines like Google and Bing typically give you very good results but not perfect ones, and that’s where human eyes come in as a search engine evaluator. You can choose your own hours and get paid above minimum wage! Learn more here!

4. For you artsy folks out there, we have another idea – sell your smartphone photos!

An app called Foap will allow you to sell the license to your photos and pay you $5 per photo. Not bad if you routinely take photos that could pass as stock photos! Learn more about Foap here.

5. Have you ever thought you had a very unique talent but weren’t quite sure what to do with it?

Never fear, we have a solution to that. A website called Fiverr lets you sell any product or service that you think people might want to purchase– relationship advice, pranks, celebrity impressions, collectibles, you name it!

Every little bit will help on your way to a down payment.  If you’re looking for more ideas on how to make extra cash at home, check out, even more, ideas, and then contact me today!



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