Valentine Treats Penfield NY

Valentine’s Day – What to Eat!

Valentine Treats Penfield NY.   For most of us, that means one of two things.  We listen to the angel on our left shoulder, urging us to find creative healthy ways to celebrate the love in our lives.  OR we listen to the devil on our right shoulder, reminding us that calories don’t count on holidays, and chocolate is a gift to be enjoyed by all! Read on to see where you find yourself.

“Trying to be good” This Valentine’s Day

Start HERE for some homemade healthy Valentine ’s Day treat inspiration!

When it comes to healthy AND delicious, fruit is your friend!  We can’t get enough of these Cupid Kabobs!

We might be rationalizing here, but frozen yogurt might have a little less calories and sugar when compared to ice cream!  So push the envelope a little, and head down to Menchies in Parkside Commons.  If that angel on your shoulder is still bugging you, monitor your portion size of this creamy Italian goodness!


“The Diet Starts Tomorrow”

If you’re ready to indulge your sweet tooth this Valentine’s Day, check out these awesome options.  According to these are the top 14 best candy choices ever.

If you need to get up close and personal with your candy, check out some nearby places:

Affaire de Chocolat  Can you say “Chocolate covered strawberry bouquet?”

Stevers Candies  Dark Chocolate Raspberry Clusters are back for 4 days only!

Now that you’ve got the candy covered, add some baked goods to your spread.  Leo’s Bakery in East Rochester can not be beat!  A little linzer or sweet tart for your sweetheart sounds perfect!

Need gluten-free  bakery choices?  Don’t forget that Donna Marie’s is now in Penfield.

Whether you’re a goody- goody or a rebel without a cause, we hope you feel the love this Valentine’s Day.  From the richest chocolate fudge, to your next new home, let us help you find it!  Contact me today!