Why You Should Sell Your Home in Winter

Winter is on the full blast setting! Don’t be fooled!  It’s not time to hibernate!  It actually makes sense, in this season of snow filled wonder, to sell your home in winter.

Buyers are super serious 

Many buyers rang in the new year with a resolution to buy a new home.  With interest rates still low, they’re ready to pull the trigger.

Inventory is low.

There’s less competition in a Winter Market.  Some may be tempted to price high and test the market but it’s better to price at market value to maintain a competitive edge which may even drive multiple offers.

Landscaping is low key

If you have pictures that showcase your home in the spring and summer, by all means, share them.  However, if you’re landscaping is only average, you’ll have less worries about its lack of luster in the winter.  With that said, it’s still important to spruce up your curb appeal with a great wreath or topiary.

Warm and Wonderful

Much of what you will need to do to prepare your home for a winter sale will also benefit you.  It’s a great idea to have your furnace and chimney inspected. (#bettersafethansorry) If you have a hi-efficiency heating system or a smart home/programmable thermostat it’s a great time to showcase it.   Buyers will be able to tell right way that your heating system really does work and that your fireplace if you have one, is functional and cozy.  (Don’t forget to stage it.)

Buyers Move Faster

Some research shows that buyers pull the trigger faster in winter.  Part of that may be due to low inventory and part of it may be due to their desire to want the process to be over either because they need to buy fast (1st Quarter Company Relocations) or they because they literally just don’t want to drag their feet through the snow anymore.

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Now, we know what you may be thinking.   If inventory is low, where will I go if my home sells quickly?  That’s a great question.  The truth of the matter is that brand new listings come on the market every day.  It just takes one to be the right one.   If by chance, there isn’t a property available when you need it, you may indeed have to consider a short term rental.  With today’s modular storage units, the transition will be fine. In the long run, consider the advantages of receiving the highest price for your current home, super low-interest rates and being completely non-contingent on your future spring purchase.

If you’re considering making a move in 2017 or would just like to know the value of your home, contact us today! We’ll have a home value report in no time!  It’s an important number to know!