2017 Oscars Guide

It’s almost Oscar time friends.  Let’s find out who the Academy has chosen as the best of the best in films this year!  There were definitely some great selections this year; what was your favorite?  Feel like you’ve missed the Oscar boat?  No worries, there is still time to play a little catch-up!  You can see all the movies nominated for best picture locally!  Well, at least a couple!  We’ve updated our guide to give you the scoop on all the Oscar nominations for 2017.

The Nominations

The real list goes on for days, and it’s all good.  There is so much to recognize about the motion picture industry and what goes in to making films.  Let’s just take a quick peek at the movies that have been nominated:

Hacksaw Ridge
Hell or High Water
Hidden Figures
La La Land
Manchester by the Sea

If you’re a fan of the movies, why not fill out your own ballot and see how you do!  Need a little help with your predictions?  Here are the winners according to PopSugar.com

The Celebration on Feb. 26th

Even if you don’t win the Oscar, you’re still a winner as every attendee gets a Swag Bag.  Last year broke a record with a price tag of over $200k.  Hello, we can get you a house for that price!  This year no one is revealing the price but sources say it is over 6 figures!  Definitely an eclectic list this year including vaporizers, lip serum and a personal sommelier!  Check out the full list here!

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