Best Hot Chocolate Ever Recipes

Happy Winter Penfield!  It’s that time to share the best hot chocolate recipes ever!  We’ve made our list and we’re checking it twice.  If you have an awesome recipe or a place you love to go, let us know.  In the meantime, we’ll begin at the beginning with some of the best hot chocolate recipes ever.

Let’s start with the basics, and literally pick a base:

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Base Recipes:

If you have to use up those powdered packets, we’ve discovered a line of lovely machines that can take your powdered hot cocoa mix to the next level.  Just be sure to use milk and not water.  The cool part is that they shut off automatically at the perfect temperature!  Check out some of the entries listed on Amazon.

hot-chocolate-1103774_960_720Or maybe you want to let someone do the work for you??  We’ve scouted around town for the best hot chocolate.  Be sure to check out:

  • Coffee Connection:  With 3 locations, not only are you going to get a great cup of hot chocolate, you’ll be supporting a great cause in helping women in recovery!
  • Java’s:  They land at the top with great reviews for every search we do and since they use milk from Pittsford Dairy Farm and Bakery, you’re supporting 2 local businesses!
  • 5 Mile Cafe:  We love the atmosphere here and you can grab a delightful breakfast too.  Not to mention, that they also serve wine.   What does that have to do with hot chocolate you ask?  Red Wine Hot Chocolate appears to be the drink of Holidays 2016.


Looking for a great recipe for a new home?  Contact us today and we’ll find the perfect mix!