Get Rid of Ice on Your Windshield

For those of us who have no shelter for our cars, the ice is a constant battle.  Remote starters help, yet still take awhile.  Even if you have the good fortune of being able to pull your car into a garage, there comes a time after you’ve been out and about, when you will have to de-ice your windshield.   Fear not!  We’ve come up with the best ways to remove ice from your windshield.  This winter is snow time to take chances.  You could actually be fined if you don’t.  We’re back with a revised guide on how to Get Rid of Ice on Your Windshield quickly.

Face East

We know, so simple and yet so profound.  Every little bit helps.  As shares on their website:

This one can be a little tricky but it’s so awesome when you do it. When you park your car, make sure you park facing east. Since the sun rises in the east, it will be radiating its warm goodness all over the windshield of your car long before you need to get in it to go to work. This can dramatically decrease the defrosting time and it may even help you avoid getting back out to scrape it off manually.

De-Icing with Hand Sanitizer

Also from

The title pretty much says it all. The alcohol in hand sanitizer will melt ice very well and getting a bottle lets you spray it directly into the keyhole for the lock. Many people carry this stuff around anyway and really you should too. It doesn’t just clean your hands in a jiff but it also de-ices keyholes. Two birds, one stone.

Isopropyl Alcohol Mixture


Get rid of existing ice Mix one part water to two parts 70 percent isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle for a homemade de-icing spray. Spray your iced-over windows with the solution and the ice will peel right off.

Quick added tip: Fill your washer fluid reservoir with a solution of half 70 percent isopropyl alcohol and half windshield washer fluid to keep your wiper lines from freezing in the winter.

Make an Investment.

A quality ice scraper:  We’ve searched the world over, okay, maybe just the internet to come up with the best ice scraper available to mankind, plus a backup too, in case the first one isn’t available.  We are in a polar vortex after all.  According to, who actually runs the tests and records the details, the best ice scraper ever is: the Hopkins 80037 Subzero.

A remote starter:  Yes, it will run you a pretty penny but it will be the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season.  Not to mention, it will give you a tremendous head start when it comes to winning against the polar vortex.

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