Perfect Christmas Tree Guide

Happy Holidays Roc City!  If you’re after a real tree, this weekend is a great time to get it.  The most recent snowfall has us  dreaming of a White Christmas or any non-blizzard Christmas we can come up with.  Here are some great tips in our revised Perfect Christmas Tree Guide.

Finding the Perfect Tree

This year, make some memories with your family, and go find your perfect tree!  Fresh cut trees are a lot of fun, smell great, and don’t have to be a lot of work. Here are some tips for keeping your tree green and lush through the New Year; some of the most important tips include:

christmas-tree-1828525_960_7201.  Measure beforehand and choose the tree wisely. #freshnesstest

2.  Get that tree in water ASAP!  And don’t forget to check the water level daily.  To keep your tree from drying out, you want water in the stand at all times.  Try keeping your tree away from lots of sunlight, or air vents, as this speeds up the drying process.

2.  If you buy your tree pre-cut, don’t forget to take an inch or two off the bottom.  Often pre-cut trees haven’t been watered properly, and have lost a lot of sap from the bottom.

3.  Protect your tree on the drive home, you may even want to get a tarp to put over it, if it’ll be hanging out on your roof rack for awhile.

Want to get a fresh cut perfect Christmas tree in RocCity?  Here’s a listing of places in the county that offer the opportunity to cut them, buy them pre-cut or take home a potted one that will last year round.   Many places offer family activities and treats as well.  It is the perfect winter memory in the making!

Christmas Lights

As long as we are talking about trees, we might at well talk about lights. Light displays can really make your home look festive!  Here are some great tips for putting up the perfect display:

2.  To save on energy costs, consider setting your lights on a timer- that way you won’t forget and leave them on all night.  You might also invest in some LED lights, which will last longer & use less energy than the older strings.

3.  Sometimes less is more!  Instead of spending days lighting up your entire house, maybe focus on making one tree look spectacular!  Having a single focal point can really make your lights stand out!!

Deck the Outside

christmas-card-566305_960_720It doesn’t take much to add a touch of happy holidays to the exterior of your home.  We love these simple ideas from Pinterest.

Some have taken Christmas lights to a whole new level.  Many homes in our area are happy to have you come by and take a look.  In some cases, they are lit up for a cause and they would appreciate your donation.

If you are thinking about buying or selling a home, the holidays are a great time to make a move!  Your home will show beautifully.   Contact me today, and let me help to make your move merry and bright!