Pick Apples Rochester

An apple a day keeps the doctor away?  Absolutely!  Well, at least it will keep you healthier between visits!  We’re back this fall with the best picks in our Pick Apples Rochester Guide.  According to the experts, here are 5 great benefits:

1. Nutrition

We need fiber, people.  Yes, apples are where it’s at.  And, eating just one will help you hit your fruit quota for the day.

2. Weight Loss

apples-490474_960_720Apples satisfy hunger for a few calories and contain antioxidants and pectin (a type of fiber)

3. Heart Health

Several studies show that frequent apple eaters have less risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

4.  Protect Against Metabolic Syndrome

Eating apples can help those already at risk from diabetes and heart disease

5. Exercise Extender

Want more from your work out, eat any apple!   It will help send more oxygen to your lungs and increase your endurance.  Who knew??

For more great health information, read the rest of the article from Eating Well.

apple-1609693_960_720Eating an apple in its most natural state will be the most healthy benefit.  However, they are so good when prepared in other ways!  But what is the best apple for baking, cooking, eating, etc?

Thank you, CountryLiving.com for setting the record straight and letting us know which apple is best for baking, cooking and more!

So where can you find some awesome apples to pick?

East Side:

G and S Orchards

Apple picking is open! Visit their website and find out more about their Community Supported Agriculture Programs!  And you can pick more than just apples.   Check out their picking schedule to find out what’s available and when throughout the year!

Or you can pick up some apples at:

Wickham Farms

Corn maze (It’s open!) , hayrides, mini-golf and cider!  There’s so much more than just apples.

Bauman’s Farm Market

Enjoy a tee pee, fried cakes and the scary Pumpkin room.

Schutts Apple Mill

Four generations of fun!  Be sure to visit their fully stocked country store!

Powers Farm Market

Need to grab your apples on the go?  No fall season would be complete without a stop here! #teepee #hayride

West Side:

Green Acres Farm in Greece

This is the right farm to pick as you can pick more than one fruit!  Cider and donuts are sure to please as well as a u-pick  schedule to keep you organized!

Whittier Fruit Farm in Gates/Spencerport

With over 32 Varieties of apples, there’s something for everyone and the trees are the perfect height!

Kelly’s Farm Market and Bakery

All things absolutely apple-pies, turnovers, cider and more and don’t miss out on all their unique gifts!

apples-805124_960_720Apples are awesome!  If you’d like to learn more about the local farm markets where you can pick up some great apples or learn more about a harvest of opportunities in the fall market, contact me today!   Need to get all your apples in the same basket as far as finances?  Contact Mike Monile today!