Time to Winterize Your Home

HeaderThere is nothing like Rochester weather!   Record breaking warm temperatures one week, and the first storm  of the year this week!  People of Penfield are used to rapid weather changes!  Here’s our updated Winterize Your Home Guide! Yes, we know there still might be raking to do, but it’s go time in terms of getting your home winterized.

There are many things you can do to make sure your house stays warm & efficient during colder seasons, and we’ve got some tips & tricks for you as you winterize your home:

Reduce Drafts

Popular Mechanics reports that drafts “can waste 5% to 30% of your energy use;” that can really add up on your heating bill!!  Simple things like using a door snake can help reduce drafts in your home, but there are so many other ways to seal out the cold & keep in the warm!  BCHYDRO to help you identify draft-prone areas & how to correct them.

Switch Up the Ceiling Fan

ceiling-fanThink your ceiling fan is only for the warmer seasons?  Think again!  Most ceiling fans have a reverse switch on them and spinning your blades CLOCKWISE will push the warm air from the ceiling down!  You’ll keep the warm air circulating, and everyone will feel a little more toasty 😉

Fix-Up the Furnace

Have your furnace serviced & consider a permanent furnace filter! There are some great HVAC providers in the area.  Check out these contractors and their reviews. 

Get Ready to be on Snow Patrol

drivewaysnow1.  Put the snow brush back in your car (maybe it never left the trunk!?)
2.  Check on your snow shovel
3.  Take the snow blower in for a tune-up
4. Make sure you have the right cold weather gear.

Get Your Yard Ready

And don’t forget the yard!  If you take some time to winterize it properly in the next few days, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble come spring!  Drain your garden hose & bring it inside.  It’s a little late to plant grass seed, but to give your lawn a head start in the Spring, don’t neglect raking up the fallen leaves and debris.  And lastly, bring in all your patio furniture that won’t survive the cold & wet weather!

So, are you looking forward to winter?

We enjoy all 4 seasons in Penfield NY!  Want to find your dream home in our community?  We’d love to help! Contact me today!  Need a little maintenance on your credit report?  Contact Mike Monile.